LMC 8.3 APK (Updated 2024) Download [No Crashing]

If the stock camera app on your smartphone does not meet your needs and you are looking for an advanced manual camera app then LMC 8.3 is the perfect choice. This advanced manual camera app provides a range of features that significantly surpass those available in standard camera apps, allowing users complete control to adjust various aspects of their photography settings manually.

Mobile photography is not an easy job because mobile phones have their limitations. Professional cameras can capture perfect photos in any lighting situation but this isn’t the case with mobile photography. You have to perfectly adjust ISO, aperture, White Balance, and color correction to get the best possible image as output.

LMC 8.3

LMC 8.3 APK Download

LMC 8.3 is Gcam Mod that offers access to the latest Gcam features on all Android devices without crashing issues. Download the LMC8.4 APK latest version from here and elevate the camera quality.

What is LMC 8.3

LMC 8.3 is very similar to Google’s Pixel Camer App which is designed only for Pixel devices but if have a normal Android phone and want to take advantage of all its unique features then Download LMC 8.3 because it provides the same features that you can get in the Pixel phone camera. LMC 8.3 is compatible with all Android phones and works flawlessly on Android 9.0 or above devices.

The user interface of this camera app is similar to LMC8.4. However, the placement of modes and settings are changed. LMC 8.3 is developed by Hasli who is a popular Gcam mod developer. This app is based on Google Camera 8.3 which is a stable version of GCam. It elevates the camera quality and allows users to capture much better and highly detailed images.

Features of LMC 8.3

RAW+JPEG Control

When enabling this feature, users can see RAW and JPEG format selections in the user interface of this camera app. RAW image are captured in DNG format which are saved separately along with the identifiable camera data. RAW Images are unprocessed images which means this image is released without any photo processing. RAW Images look a little duller than JPEG image but it offers better quality and RAW images are very easy to edit.

Config File Support

Just like the LMC 8.4, the newly launched LMC 8.3 supports config files which allow users to easily customize the app settings with a few taps. There are several choices for config files provided on our LMC84.pro. It is very easy to setup the config file and you can use it by tapping on the blank space beside the camera shutter button.

No Crashing

Crashing issues are very common in almost all Gcam mods but the latest LMC 8.3 crashes very less compared to all other Gcam Ports. It offers better stability and reliability. However, if the app crashes, you can easily fix the issue by clearing the app cache. For any other issue, visit our Troubleshooting Guide page for complete information about how to overcome common issues that users regularly face within this camera app.

Noise Model

The processing function of this camera app has a feature called “Noise Model” that reduces the noise when taking photos at night or in low light conditions. Mobile camera often capture highly noisy image at night which reduce the image quality and make it look blurry. Hence, if you want to reduce the noise and then make sure the noise model is on for all cameras on your phone such as the main camera, telephoto, wide angle, macro, and front camera.

Night Sight & Astrophotography Mode

To properly use the Astrophotography Mode, make sure you place your phone on a steady surface and set the angle to the night sky. Tap on the Night Sight mode then the icon on the shutter button will change from moon to stars. Tap on the shutter button and wait for 2.5 minutes to capture a small timelapse of the night sky in addition to a beautiful night sky photo.

Video Stabilization

If your phone camera does not come with the OIS or EIS feature then don’t be sad because the LMC 8.3 app offers a built in stabilization feature that works like very similarly to EIS technology. It crops the unwanted shaking footage from the phone camera and provides a much smoother and stabilized video output.

Panorama Mode

Capture expansive landscapes with the Panorama mode using the LMC 8.3 camera app. This feature enables you to take wide-format photos, perfect for showcasing breathtaking vistas or larger group shots.

LMC 8.3

Download LMC 8.3 APK Latest Version (2024)

App NameLMC 8.3
VersionV8.3 R1
Size82 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 9.0+
Update1 Day Ago

How to Download & Install LMC 8.3 on Any Android Phones?

Follow the given steps to easily download and install the LMC 8.3 APK file for your phone.

  • Tap on the download button given above to see the list of various versions of this camera app.
  • Select a version then tap on it to start downloading the LMC 8.3 APK file.
  • Open your device’s Settings > Secure and enable unknown sources.
  • Locate the APK file using the default file manager app.
  • Tap on the LMC8.3 APK file and install it on your phone.
  • Now, open it and allow all the permissions to make it work properly.

Difference Between LMC 8.4 and LMC 8.3

There are not many big differences between LMC 8.3 and LMC 8.4. However, the newly released LMC8.3 offers a better user experience as it has fewer bugs and also crashes very less compared to other versions of this camera app. If you want to use the config file then LMC 8.4 is better for you because it has a wide range of choices for config files but LMC 8.3 has very less choices for config files.

Benefits of Using LMC 8.3

  • Enhance Image/Video Quality: Utilizing the advanced features of LMC 8.3, you can improve the camera quality and capture better videos & photos than the stock camera app.
  • Manual Controls: It provides users with the capability to manually adjust various settings, offering significant advantages for advanced photographers.
  • Better Features: It is a fact that LMC8.3 offers many more features than the default camera app because this third-party camera app is designed for professional mobile photographers.
  • Frequent Updates: Unlike the stock camera apps, you will get a lifetime free update with LMC 8.3 so that you can take advantage of the latest photography modes and technology.
  • AI Optimizations: This camera app has many advanced modes such as motion photo, GLens, Face Retouching, and many more tools that heavily use AI-based technologies.

Drawbacks of Using LMC 8.3

  • Less Config Files: In comparison to the LMC 8.4 which is the most popular GCam mod, the LMC 8.3 version offers a more limited selection of config files.
  • Incompatibility with iOS: The LMC 8.3 app is only designed for Android users. Hence, you can’t use this camera app on your iPhone or iPad devices.
  • Lags & Glitches: This camera app is not as stable as the stock camera app. It consumes more battery and has glitches. However, developers keep pushing frequent updates to fix the lags and other issue.
  • Not Available on Play Store: If you search this app name on Play Store, this app will not be visible because it is not available on Google Play Store but it is very easy to install this app from our website (LMC84.pro).
  • Skills Required: LMC 8.3 is not for newbies because it is a manual camera app so if you want to enhance the camera quality then you must have at least basic knowledge about ISO, white balance, aperture, color correction, and more.


Is LMC 8.3 Better than LMC 8.4?

It is difficult to strongly say any one of these apps is better than another one because the use case scenarios of both apps are completely different. However, the features you get on both apps are very similar. LMC8.4 offers better selection of config files and LMC8.3 offers stable interface.

Can LMC 8.3 improve photo quality?

Yes, it has capability to significantly improve the photo quality but it depends of users how they utilize all the features of this app because it is a manual camera application so user have to adjust all the settings manually before taking photo to enhance the image quality.

Does LMC 8.3 works on all Android devices?

LMC8.3 works on almost all Android smartphones of brands like Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Nothing, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Motorola, Infinix and many more.

Is it safe to install this camera app on Android?

This application is currently being installed by millions of users globally, and no security-related issues have been identified. Furthermore, our security team conducted thorough testing on the APK file and confirmed that it contains no malicious code.


Camera app plays a huge role when taking high-quality photos even if you have a powerful smartphone, if your camera app is not good then you won’t be able to utilize the phone camera hardware. LMC 8.3 is an advanced camera app that is not available on the Google Play Store but it is completely free to download from our website (LMC84.pro). I hope the information mentioned above is helpful but leave your thoughts about Hasli’s new camera app in the comments.

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