LMC 8.4 For Huawei – Download LMC8.4 For All Huawei Phones

Take your photography to a whole new level with LMC 8.4 Huawei Phones! This amazing app unlocks a plethora of advanced features and settings that will enhance your camera experience and utilize the full potential of your Huawei Phone’s camera hardware. So go ahead, download the LMC 8.4 for Huawei Phones and get ready to unleash your creativity! You won’t be disappointed with the endless possibilities this app has to offer.

It is the modified version of the Google Camera App which offers a simple user interface and it is filled with hundreds of settings and advanced options. Unlike, Gcam, it works on all Huawei Phones and you can download it for free for your specific phone from here. We have shared the list of Huawei Phones in this article so you can choose your phone. If your Huawei Phone is not available in this list then you can choose other Huawei Phones which is very similar to your phone or comment or Huawei Phones name in the comment section.

LMC 8.4 Huawei Phones

What is LMC 8.4 Huawei Phones?

LMC 8.4 Camera App is the ultimate choice for professional mobile photographers. The app ensures you get the best possible result from your phone’s camera with the help of its advanced features, functionalities and various camera modes.

Capture stunning, crystal-clear images that will truly impress you. With the revolutionary LMC 8.4 Huawei Phones, you can say goodbye to blurry photos and hello to vibrant, sharp visuals. Unleash your photography skills and watch them soar to new heights with the incredible capabilities of our smartphones. It’s time to embrace a world of breathtaking imagery and create memories that will leave everyone in awe.

What are the main differences between Huawei Phones Stock Camera and LMC 8.4?

Stock Camera in Huawei phones means the pre-installed camera app created by Huawei and their modern smartphones come with a very basic stock camera app which has its own advantages and limitations. Huawei’s stock camera app is designed for the user’s comfort so it has too many modes, settings and features which makes a normal user confused and difficult to use the camera app so it has very few modes and necessary features and it automatically adjusts ISO levels, focal length and color correction to make it easy for everyone to capture decent photos.

If you’re an advanced photographer and want to capture better quality photos from your phone’s camera then the Huawei Phones’s Stock Camera is not for you. It is better to download the LMC 8.4 APK which is a manual camera app that gives you full control to adjust the camera settings as per your choice and capture better photos than stock camera apps.

Advantages of Using LMC 8.4 Apk on Huawei Phones

More Camera Modes: These camera modes such as Portrait Mode, Panorama Mode, Slow Motion, Time-lapse, Photobooth, and more are used to capture perfect photos in specific situations.

Night Sight Mode: It allows you to take clear shorts in a low-light environment. Night Mode optimizing settings such as exposure and shutter speed which allow you to take brighter photos.

Astrophotography: Using this mode, you can take crystal clear night sky photos with stars visible in your photo which is very tough to capture with a phone’s camera.

Custom Image Format: The app gives you the opportunity to choose the image format and It also provides Raw image format which means the image you will receive as output will be uncompressed and unprocessed.

Face Retouching: It helps you to transform your face, smoothen your skin, reduce blemishes, brighten your complexion, and achieve stunning results without using any filter, effect or editing tool.

High-Quality Videography: Most people think that LMC 8.4 is good for photography only but it is not true. You can shoot high-quality and better videos with this app using its settings, and videography modes such as slow motion and timelapse mode.

HDR+ Enhanced: Unleash the transformative power of HDR+ technology and bathe your photos in a vivid spectrum of colors, enhanced brightness, richer saturation and incredible detail.

Video Stabilizer: Offering a selection of four innovative stabilization modes, ranging from standard to visually stunning cinematic pans. Each mode is designed masterfully to complement different recording scenarios – delivering you steady, high-quality and refined footage every time you shoot.

Download LMC 8.4 APK for Huawei Phones

Here are all the downloading links for LMC8.4 Huawei phones.

Why Should You Download LMC 8.4 for Your Huawei Phone?

LMC 8.4 Camera App provides a lot of benefits that are certainly not present in your Huawei’s phone stock camera app. LMC8.4 provides photographers with an array of tools and advanced settings for enhancing their creativity and capturing memorable moments in high quality. Huawei’s phone usually has very decent camera hardware but the default camera app does not properly utilize its hardware capabilities so it is recommended to try LMC 8.4 and use it then compare it with the stock camera app, you will see a major difference in quality.

Regular updates from the app developer ensure that the LMC8.4 app remains up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in smartphone photography. However, the default stock camera is very easy to use and it has an automatic settings adjust feature so if you don’t have much idea about camera modes and settings then you can stay with the stock camera app because LMC 8.4 is a manual app so you have to manually adjust the settings as per your need which require sufficient knowledge about settings and camera modes.

System Requirements of LMC 8.4 Apk for Huawei Phones

It is an advanced camera app so it will surely consume a lot of processing power. The official developer does not set a particular parameter of system requirement which is necessary to run this app smoothly. Your device must be Android 4.1 or higher and have enough free RAM space to run this app.

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Allow Unknown Sources

How to Install LMC 8.4 for Huawei Phones?

  • Find your Huawei phone from the list given above in this article and click on it.
  • Now, a new post will be pen so scroll down a bit to see the downloading buttons so tap on any one of them to start downloading the most compatible LMC 8.4 for your phone.
  • Go to Settings > Password & Security > System Security > Enable unknown sources that allow you to install apps from third-party sites.
  • Open the file manager and locate the APK file and tap on it to install the app.
  • After the app is installed, you will see the LMC 8.4 app icon on your phone’s home screen.
LMC 8.4 Slow Motion Video

How to Record a Slow Motion Video using LMC 8.4 on Huawei Phone?

Slow-motion videos are a fascinating feature that allows you to capture moments in a unique and mesmerizing way. By slowing down the footage, you can emphasize details and create a visually stunning effect. In Huawei’s default camera app, you can not record slow-motion videos in 4K quality but LMC 8.4 allows you to record 4K slow-motion videos. Here is the process for recording slow-motion footage with the LMC 8.4 app.

  • Open the LMC8.4 Camera App
  • Swipe left or right to go to the Video mode.
  • Now, you will see three options – Normal, Time Lapse, and Slow Motion.
  • Click on the Slow Motion Mode and tap on the shutter button to start recording slow-motion video.

Why LMC 8.4 is Not Available on Google Play Store

There is a lot of concern that LMC 8.4 is not available on the Google Play Store so it might be unsafe to use but this is not true. LMC 8.4 is the modified version of the Google Camera App and the mod applications are not usually available on the Play Store because modding is against Google’s policy. Therefore, you can’t find this advanced camera app on any official app store. LMC8.4 is downloaded by millions of people worldwide and it is a safe and trusted app to use on Android devices.


Does LMC 8.4 Crash on Huawei Phones?

Yes, if you download the less compatible version of this app then it may crash. We recommend downloading the app which is highly compatible with your Huawei phone.

Does LMC8.4 Perform Better than the Huawei Stock Camera App?

In most instances, we found LMC 8.4 Performs better than the Huawei Stock Camera App, especially in low light situations, the Huawei Camera App struggles to capture good photos. While LMC 8.4 captures bright photos with its powerful night sight mode.

Where to Download LMC 8.4 For Huawei Phones?

We have shared the list of Huawei Phone names in this article so find your phone and tap on it to see all the compatible versions of LMC 8.4 for your phone. Simply, tap on the download button to get the APK file and install it by following the given installation guide.

What to Do if Your Huawei Phone Is Not Listed Above?

If your Huawei phone then is not listed above don’t be sad because it does not mean that LMC 8.4 does not work on your phone. From our list, find the Huawei phone that was released in the same years as your phone or comes with a similar feature and download the app, it will work fine on your device too.

Can LMC 8.4 harm my Huawei phone?

This camera app is thoroughly safe and secure, posing no risk of viruses or malicious content. You can use it with complete confidence, assured that there are no safety concerns.


If you have a Huawei phone and want to replace your stock camera app with LMC 8.4 then you must have found this article very helpful because we have shared everything you need to know about LMC 8.4 Huawei Phones app which is the modded version of GCam works on almost all Huawei phones.

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