What is HDR+ Enhanced Mode?

HDR+ Enhanced Mode is one of the unique and standard features available in the LMC 8.4 Camera App, and HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The main function of HDR+ Enhanced Mode is to enhance the image quality. But here is a detail about how exactly HDR mode works lets know in detail below.

What is HDR+ Enhanced Mode in LMC 8.4

What is What is HDR+ Enhanced Mode in Simple Words?

High Dynamic Range is a technical term used in photography and the main function of HDR+ Enhanced Mode is to introduce the range of colors, tone, and brightness of the image. The camera mainly clicks multiple images with different exposures and brings them all together which creates a high-quality image and perfect saturated image. The HDR+ Enhanced Mode is useful while shooting indoors in diffused light.

When capturing photos without HDR+ Mode, you might occasionally notice a contrast of bright and dim areas in the image. This inconsistency can sometimes result in an unconventional appearance for your photo. However, with the incredible HDR+ Enhanced Mode at your fingertips, this no longer needs to be a concern! What’s unique about HDR mode? It ingeniously captures several images and seamlessly fuses them together for one perfect shot. The end result is richly detailed and of superb quality – delivering an impressive photograph every time!

How exactly does HDR Mode Work?

The way HDR Mode functions is amazing, firstly the camera shutter captures multiple images. The images can be of different exposures which mean images may be darker and brighter too. Then the LMC 8.4 Camera App will combine all these images and form one high standard image with perfect situation and ISO levels. Also, you can enhance the image to a higher resolution just by adjusting some camera settings before you click the images. 

How to Use HDR+ Enhanced Mode in LMC 8.4 App?

LMC 8.4 provides HDR+ Enhanced Mode in all versions of this camera app and users can easily enable this mode following the given steps.

  • First of all, download the LMC 8.4 App from our website (LMC84.pro).
  • Open the camera app and go to the photo mode.
  • Swipe from up to down on the screen to open more modes and features menu.
  • Tap on the HDR+ Enhanced to enable it. (There are two modes, HDR+ and HDR+ Enhanced).
  • Next just normally click the images by pressing the shutter button. 
  • Finally, the image will be processed, and you can save it.

Benefits of using HDR+ Enhanced Mode

These days HDR mode is a necessary feature for all smartphones and there are other important benefits of using HDR+ mode. 

  • Group images: The HDR mode can be useful if you are clicking a group photo or any landscape mode image. It can balance the sunlight and provide you with a clear image. 
  • Low light shooting: If you capture any image in the dark then HDR mode simply enhances the brightness. This is one of the amazing parts of HDR+ Enhanced Mode because if you struggle to balance the light then this camera feature can solve the problem. 
  • Professional Photography: If you are a professional photographer and love to capture realistic moments in nature then HDR+ mode can be the best choice. It can capture the moments clearly and more accurately during sunrise and sunset.
  • Detailing: If you capture any image during a cloudy day or during heavy fog, the images usually lose the detailing on the object. However, using HDR mode can add light and enhance the detailing of the object. 


HDR mode is one of the satisfying features available in modern-day cameras which helps in capturing images in low light, and it can add detail to any image. The HDR adds a professional essence to the images and it is very simple and easy to use. The normal stock camera lacks the HDR feature but you can LMC 8.4 Camera App which provides HDR+ Enhanced Mode that provides which is the improved version of the basic HDR Mode so it works even better than the standard HDR. 

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