Download LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme Apk (Updated) for Android 2024

LMC 8.4 R18
App NameLMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK
Version8.4 (R18)
File Size132 MB
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What is LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK

The camera has traveled a long journey, but the mobile camera has recently made its debut in the past decades. Mobile camera have successfully made their way in replacing the professional camera. Nowadays, mobile cameras have become very powerful even if you have a budget smartphone, it is good enough to capture 4K videos and high-quality photos with portrait effects. If you want to improve your camera quality then LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK is the best choice to replace your basic stock camera app.

As of now, LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK is the most updated version of this app so if you want to get access to as many features as possible in this app then consider this version. It is more stable and reliable than all its previous versions so download the LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK and elevate your mobile camera quality without putting any effort and without upgrading your phone.

What Are the Different Types of LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK?

A lot of people are usually confused about which one of the LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK to download because there are five types of LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme App available. If you are also confused then don’t worry, you can download any of these, all of them are almost similar so you will not find any major differences between all these apps. The LMC 8.4 R18 F1 is the standard version of R18 and here are the four other types of APK.

Advanced Features of LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK

LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme contains hundreds of customization settings and camera modes that you can utilize to enhance the picture and video quality. Here are some of the key features you can find in this camera app.

Night Sight Mode: Night situations are the most difficult to capture high-quality photos from a phone camera. LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme is famous for its advanced Night Mode that commands the camera shutter to be opened until enough light is captured so that users can get bright and highly detailed images even in low light conditions.

Astrophotography Mode: To capture incredible night sky photos in which stars and galaxies must be visible clearly from a normal Android-based smartphone camera, you can use this camera mode.

Face Retouching: This mode is specifically designed to capture and enhance human photos from the front and back cameras of your phone. It makes the human face look clean, dirt-free, and attractive.

Config File Support: These are the XML files that help users adjust the camera settings as per their needs within a click. You can easily find and download the best collection of LMC 8.4 Config Files from our site.

Social Media Ready Pics: If you have properly used the settings and features of this app, you no longer need to edit your photos or enhance the colors and quality using editing software.

HDR+ Enhanced: This app offers the most improved version of HDR which is HDR+ Enhanced which works very well in daylight. It significantly increases the dynamic range resulting in sharp, vibrant, and highly detailed photos.

Manual Camera Settings: As you know this is a manual camera app which means it gives users freedom to customize and adjust the settings of the camera as per your present requirements. However, you need to have some knowledge about the basic functions of camera settings such as ISO, Focal Length, White Balance, Aperture, etc.

Capture RAW Image: There is a RAW format option in this camera app that allow users to capture photo in the most natural tones and colors. Using this image format, you will be able to take photos in the highest pixel quality possible. RAW image format is mainly used by pro photographers because it is very easy to edit RAW images.

Dirty Lens Warning: It is very useful feature in the latest version of the LMC 8.4 camera app because it alerts you whenever your camera lens is dirty and you’re trying to take photos so that you can clean the lens before taking the shots to capture high quality and unblurry image. To Enable the Dirty Lens Waring feature, open the settings of this app and click on the Advanced option then turn on Drty Lens Warning.

Video Stabilization: If your phone’s camera does not support Optical image stabilization (OIS) then using the LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme you will be able to stabilize the video footage using Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) which helps to reduce the unnecessary shakiness from the video and captures a more stable video making it look more professional.

Audio Zoom: With this feature enabled, when you zoom on any subject while recording the video, the audio coming for that particular subject will be boosted and the background noise will be reduced.

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LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme Apk

What is the difference between a Stock Camera and LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK

Stock Cameras of most Android Phones provide better quality images and capture stunning moments. But when compared to the LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK, the stock camera has several flaws. Here are some major differences below: 

Stock CameraLMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK
Most of the case Stock Camera capture image with over brightness, while the LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme Apk captures image natural brightness and with heavy detailing.LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme provides natural images, while stock cameras overexpose the image color. 
Stock Camera cannot provide high dynamic images, and fails to balance proper color in the images. While LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme Apk overcomes all these flaws.LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme Apk balances the skin tone of captured images. 
Stock Camera provides highly contrasting images. It allows users to customize the image processing.
Stock camera does not require regular updates, and if necessary it can be carried out using the Google Play Store. LMC 8.4 get more frequent updates than any stock camera app so you will get updated to latest technologies, modes and features.

Which Version of the LMC 8.4 App to consider?

Always have a habit of using the latest version, which reduces the app to crash. And also you can use the newly added feature in LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme on your Android phone. LMC8.4 has recently been updated to the latest version which is the R18 version. The updated app provides many new features and bug fixes. Hence, it provides a better user experience and you have to face fewer app crashes.

Installation Guide for LMC 8.4

How to Install LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK on Android

To install the LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK on your Android smartphone, you need to follow the given installation tutorial carefully.

  • Click on the download button provided above to get the APK file on your phone.
  • Go to the settings of your phone and click on the security section.
  • Under the security security, enable the unknown sources.
  • Open the file manager and locate the APK file.
  • Tap on the LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK file and install the app.
  • Open the app and enjoy capturing memorable moments in high quality!

What’s New in LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK:

  • The exposure slider on the left side is in full height.
  • Mode and option buttons with popup list.
  • Vibration response buttons.
  • Loading noise and AWB models require application restart.
  • Viewfinder frame rate.
  • Fixed default AUX for many devices.
  • Black theme, fixed display of top bar, resizing of sliders, etc.
  • Changes for ease of use, and previous configs are suitable.

No Crashing Issue in LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme

The crashing issue is very common in the LMC 8.4 camera app. Many users found it irritating because this app crashes very often while taking photos. A temporary solution to fix the issue is clearing the app cache but if you want to permanently fix this issue then upgrade the old version of LMC 8.4 to the R18 Version. There are several bugs and issues being fixed in the LMC8.4 R18 Aweme so it does crash very less compared to the older versions. Stay tuned and Join our Telegram group to get informed about the latest updates and news regarding this camera app.


Is LMC 8.4 R18 is most recent version of this app?

Yes, it the R18 is the latest and newly released version of the LMC 8.4 Camera App.

What is better in the LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK than all the previous versions?

It comes with new app icon, provides better stability and less app crashes with more features and bug fixes.

Does LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme offer portrait mode or depth-of-field effects?

It provides a portrait mode that is optimized with its advanced software technology that helps to capture perfect DSLR-like portrait images.

What is HDR+ Enhanced in LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme APK, and how does it enhance photos?

LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme’s HDR+ Enhanced mode works very well in day lights. It reduces the light a little bit and increases the contrast and sharpnesses to capture more detailed image.

Is it safe to use LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme on Android?

Yes, This camera app is developed by Hasli which is a trusted and well known developer. We have also checked the app and it is completely safe to use on any Android smartphone.

Does LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme Works with iOS?

No, LMC 8.4 R18 Aweme is an Android based camera app so it does not work on any iOS device including iPhone and iPad.

Here are some quick starting guides for the LMC 8.4 App

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