GCAM Config File Download For Android & IOS [2023]

GCAM stands for Google Camera which is the most popular and widely used camera on Android smartphones. If you use GCAM as your default camera app then and want to improve the picture quality then this article is for you because here we have shared the best GCAM Config File that you can use to improve camera performance.

Google Camera is a basic stock app but it offers all the useful tools and features that allow users to capture high-quality pictures from smartphones. It provides users full control of the camera such as white balance, focus, focal length, etc. But even after the perfect settings, you may not satisfied with the output all the time because it is not optimized to take good photos and adjust settings according to the lighting conditions.

Have you ever heard about the Google Camera Config file but don’t use what it really is? Then don’t be worried because in this section we have explained it is a very simple format. The Gcam Config file is a program that is used to change the entire camera settings and optimize it for specific situations. There are various types of config files like DSLR, Night Photo, Portrait, and many more which are used for specific purposes. Users can easily understand the use of each GCAM Config file by its name.

it allows users to fine-tune the settings and users can optimize their camera experience according to their specific preferences and needs at the moment. This includes options such as adjusting HDR+ quality, enabling Night Sight mode, or enhancing image processing capabilities.

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GCAM Config File Download

What is GCAM Config File

GCAM Config file allow photographers to customize and optimize their smartphone’s camera settings with one touch and make it suitable for specific conditions. This file contains various parameters and preferences that can enhance the overall image quality and performance of the camera.

By utilizing this configuration file, users can make precise adjustments to aspects such as exposure, color correction, and more. It is a crucial resource for professionals in the field of photography who want to maximize the capabilities of their Google Camera app.

GCAM Config File Download

Here are the 100% working links to download the GCAM Config File for free:

GCAM Star Light Config FileDownload Now
GCAM Config File For MotorolaDownload Now
GCAM Config File 8.4Download Now
GCAM iPhone Config FileDownload Now
GCAM Config File For Pixel 2Download Now
GCAM Arcide BSG8.7 v1.1 Config FileDownload Now
GCAM Night Shot Config FileDownload Now
GCAM Realme Config FileDownload Now
GCAM Fury-Lmc-Final-V2 Config FileDownload Now
GCAM HDR-X4GT Config FileDownload Now

How to Use GCAM Config File

Using the Google Camera config file is really simple and straightforward. Once you have to set up all the config files and then you can change the entire setting of your camera app with one touch. These config files help to get better and high-quality photos from mobile cameras. To Use the GCAM Config file, first, you have to download the XML file from the link given above and then follow the step-by-step guide given below very profoundly.

  • Once you downloaded the GCAM Config file from this article then extract all of them to get the XML file.
  • Now, move all the GCAM Config XML files to the GCAM named folder created automatically after installing the Google Camera App.
  • Go back and open the GCAM App.
  • Double-tap on the blank space around the shutter button.
  • After that, a popular will appear from where you can choose different config files and then click on the import button to apply changes.


Is GCAM Config File Safe to Use?

Yes, All the Config files shared on our webpage is completely safe and secure. There is no malicious code in these XML files.

Can I Change Camera Settings Using Config File?

Yes, you can easily change the camera settings as per your requirements with one touch using these config files.

Does Using GCAM Config File Improve Picture Quality?

There will be a significant improvement in most cases after using the GCAM Config File specially during night photography.


Google Camera config file serves as a configuration file for the GCAM. It is used to easily customize the camera settings and options, allowing users to enhance their photography experience. With GCAM Config File, users can optimize their camera’s performance according to their specific preferences and requirements.

I hope you have successfully downloaded and setup the Confile file into your GCAM app but if you found any issue then do not hesitate to comment below.

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